We make Luxurious Limoncello

“I created BLACKFORDS so you could enjoy the best of what we love to eat and drink”

— Hilary Blackford

Great for Food Lovers Everywhere

Food is very much the centre of our family life. My range was created from the foods and drinks I have always made for my food-mad family and friends.

Lovingly made in the heart of The Cotswolds

BLACKFORDS grew in my kitchen in a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds where I live, using the best ingredients I can find. 

My lemons come from Sicily and Italy; organic and unwaxed. They are handpicked by Giuseppe on the Racalia Estate near Marsala, and Antonio and Margherita on their Azienda on the Costa d’Amalfi. They both send them directly to us here in Gloucestershire.  Wonderful!

Q: Why are your logo and website red, yellow, blue and green?

A: Our branding reflects our roots and heritage. These are the colours of the Cotswolds flag and emblem. We are a committed Cotswolds food and drinks company. Simple!

My Limoncello comes from a recipe I was given when my husband was working in Italy. It makes frequent appearances at the end of a good dinner and is always on friends’ wish lists for Christmas.
Our delectable Marmellata is made from organic Sicilian lemons, bursting with fruity flavour – add a dollop on toast to kickstart your day!
I have had this recipe for at least 20 years! My aunt always brought me a jar of her home-made Lemon Curd when she came to visit. It is seriously lemony and bursting with flavour. I think that my Aunty Betty’s velvety smooth, mouthwatering and very lemony Lemon Curd is the best you can get. And there are so many things that you can do with a jar of Lemon Curd, warm or cold. Have a look at my recipe page for some new ideas.

Blackfords Limoncello Recipe Ideas

BLACKFORDS Limoncello really comes into its own in the summer. Drizzle it over some strawberries and ice cream to make a delicious pudding. Add it to a lemon trifle or make some ice cream….